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Testo della canzone "Starblazers - Iscandar"
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Cantante: Non disponibile
Autori: Redington, Ginny
Anno: Non disponibile
Testo della canzone "Starblazers - Iscandar"
(Sigla di Starblazers)

  We're off to outer space
  We're leaving Mother Earth
  To save the human race
  Our Star Blazers
  Searching for a distant star
  Heading off to Iscandar
  Leaving all we love behind
  Who knows what danger we'll find?
  We must be strong and brave
  Our home we've got to save
  If we don't in just one year
  Mother Earth will disappear
  Fighting with the Gamilons
  We won't stop until we've won
  Then we'll return and when we arrive
  The Earth will survive
  With our Star Blazers

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