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Testo della canzone "Mazinga Z - English"
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Testo della canzone "Mazinga Z - English"
(Sigla di Mazinga Z)

  Castle of black iron, to the stars, heavens above
  Super robot go Mazinger Z go
  Super robo-warrior, fight for you and me
  Valorous hero, pilder ON!
  Powerful rocket-punch, destroy our enemy!
  Fire it, finish it, breast of fire!
  Mazin-go, Mazin-go, Mazinger Zeeeeedddd
  Castle of black iron, destroy mountains tall
  Super robot go Mazinger Z go!
  Faith honor purity, fight for you and me
  Peace our only wish pilder on!
  Strike true on target, missile punch!
  Fire it, finish it, breath of hurricane
  Mazin-go, Mazin-go, Mazinger Zed!

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