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Testo della canzone "Woman - english"
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Testo della canzone "Woman - english"
(Sigla di City Hunter)

  Warriors, after the dream, we must be;
  silent waves, stroking the shore;
  the light of the moon shines on my eyelids,
  and I can feel beautiful inside.
  The dress I wore when I danced with you that day,
  into the winter sea; I've come to wash it away.
  Like a passing swift evil, your love is
  leaving these arms of mine.
  My name is woman.
  Pregnant with sorrow, I will raise it into kindness.
  My name is woman.
  A woman can bear this pain, isn't that so?
  Wet ankles, drowning in the sea;
  I want to sleep forever like this.
  Birds with their wings tied,
  raise a soulful cry to the skies, but...
  My name is woman.
  Pregnant with loneliness, life will begin from here.
  My name is woman.
  My tears are not those of regret, I promise.

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