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Testo della canzone "Your Secrets"
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Cantante: Momoko Kitadai
Autori: Non disponibile
Anno: Non disponibile
Testo della canzone "Your Secrets"
(Sigla di City Hunter)

   Softly, you whisper my name
   I hear it
   Gently, you call out my name
   But when I turn around
   I see you're nowhere to be found
  But still I feel your existance in flame
  I know it
  Some how, you're just not the same
  And when you're undercover
  I'm always fast to realize
   Fantasies, my imaginations go wild
   You give me mysteries, I can tell when you've lied
   Still I see no answer in your eyes
   (Give me your secrets)
   Help me color my dreams
   (I need your secrets)
   Let me see the unseen
   (Give me your secrets)
   Help me color my dreams
   (I want your secrets)
   Let me uncover your scheme...

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